Thursday, April 2, 2009

Anwar Ibrahim. Where are u !

Assalam wbt & salam sejahtera.

Last night one of my friend has asked me why Anwar Ibrahim not 'check-mate' Pak Lah by taking-over the government during this period ! Why he has stopped his ambitious movement and public hopes since the failure of 13 September 2008 !

I said : " I also no idea but may be Anwar still waiting for the right moment and the right situation."

He said : " Ya la, after the BN government had managed to overcome this economic crisis and our country has already survived and on the right track. Then he again will attack the government esp. Najib. That's not gentleman ! "

I said : " What to do ! This is politic - which means a lot of tactics "

Then one of our friend there expressed his opinion. He said : " Nobody will be so stupid to take-over any organisation at this time of economic crisis, unless he had been promised to gain a supports by other parties. Example : Barack Obama should no problem to tell us from where he got all the supports. On the other hand, Anwar Ibrahim is not a stupid person "

It was a silence for 4-5 minutes. Then we continued our 'teh tarik' and talked about other things which is also very interesting i.e. our country soccer issue.

But for me, this Anwar Ibrahim issue still need to be eloborate ......public need to know the truth! Anwar !, U need to finish what U have started. Or people will not respect any more on yr ' political gimic' .


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